The Women Men Adore – Men And Relationships – Advice On How To Get Him To Commit To You

The Women Men Adore – Men And Relationships – Advice On How To Get Him To Commit To You

Understanding men and relationshipsisn’t the easiest thing for any woman. Although we can feel deeply within our hearts that the man we’re with is the one we’re destined to spend our lives with, that feeling may not be mutual. Not all men are quick to share their future with a woman, and even though he says he loves you, taking the plunge into a more serious commitment just might not be what man want. It’s frustrating to be in this situation because you may feel that your hands are tied. You don’t want to leave him because you’re fearful that you won’t ever meet anyone like him again and you’re also discouraged by the knowledge that you may never get the commitment you desire from him. There is a way to ensure that you get what you need from the relationship.

The first thing you must know when you are trying to understand men and relationships is that they think and feel very differently than we do. Men are much more logical when it comes to love. They typically don’t believe in the ideal of love at first sight and they usually bide their time when it comes to taking a relationship to the next level. Once a man feels secure in the knowledge that a woman adores him, he won’t continue to work at impressing her. He has you and he knows that.

If you believe that’s what is happening in your relationship, it’s leaving you with the short end of the stick. As a woman you dream about being with a man who has made a deep commitment to you. For some women it doesn’t necessarily mean that they need an engagement ring or a wedding proposal. They simply just want to bask in the knowledge that they are deeply loved by a man who is devoted only to them. The problem is that you may have contributed to the current dynamic of your relationship. You may have actually played a hand in ensuring that your man sees no reason for a formal commitment between you two.

You see, we often create our own romantic scenarios based on how deeply we love a man. If your boyfriend knows that you love him and only him, he’s happy in that. He knows you aren’t going anywhere so any effort he has to continue to put into the relationship to win you over is very minimal. That’s why you are the only one who can change that. You can do that starting right now.

Some advice on how to get him to commit to you suggests that you break up with him to show him that he doesn’t own your heart. I wouldn’t advise going quite that far. You do need to subtly show him that you are not completely and solely his. Start doing that by spending more time away from him. Engage yourself in your other important relationships again, be it with friends or family members. Start living more as a single woman rather than a woman waiting for a commitment. Make your own decisions, plan your own future and don’t always be available at his beck and call. If you can do this, he’ll start to see that the woman was willing to wait forever for a commitment, may not be so willing anymore. That’s what will help to change his mind about taking things to the next level.
Gillian Reynolds


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