The Women Men Adore – Understanding Men in Relationships

The Women Men Adore – Understanding Men in Relationships

Every woman appreciates how necessary it is to identify with her man in the relationship, because let’s face it, if she can’t recognize his deepest needs and desires, how will she make him happy and ultimately keep him interested?

Relations between men and women most often go astray because there is a break-down in communications and a lack of rapport. So how can a woman go about maintaining that special connection with her man? What can she do to keep him interested in both her and the continuation of a healthy, vibrant relationship?

I know that you can appreciate the fact that men and women are completely different, but that does not have to be to the detriment of your liaison…not by a long shot. The differences, though sometimes vast, can also be what bring a certain spark to the relationship, what create that special kind of lasting bond between you. Understanding men in relationships also has a reflection on how well you understand yourself.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself, men will appreciate you for who you are and those that don’t are clearly not able to comprehend just how truly amazing you really are. You deserve a man who can identify with you, a man who makes you feel special and values you for who you really are.

In the same way, you must also realize how important it is for you to fan his ego when his ego needs fanning. Boost his confidence when his confidence needs boosting. Compliment his strength when it is your words of encouragement that will inspire him.

All the love and consideration you desire, your man desires also. When he feels that you understand him and that he can tell you anything it is you he will always turn to and it is you he will trust. And he too will act as your buffer zone, your best friend and sturdy companion when you need him, your Mr. Right.

Being sincere in giving your love and not asking for anything in return will strengthen the bond between you, increasing the level of intimacy you share. Some things may be hard to share at first, but once you have shared them and found that your partner loves you even more for having shared your innermost self with him, you will feel strong and confident in the relationship. You will be on the road to something lasting and meaningful, a relationship that could last a lifetime.

Understanding men in relationships is also about being ‘understanding to men’. Often they feel that they have the whole world on their shoulders and if you can be there for them when they need you most, if you can be loving and understanding, caring and kind. He will devote himself to you completely and he will want you with him for life, as his life partner. He will respect and love you like nothing you’ve ever known. This type of bonding is what lasts a life-time, what keeps a man faithful. Attractive women may come into his life now and again, but he will only have eyes for you. Learn what men want.

May yours be a journey of much joy.

-Tanya Haden Tebb-


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